We tried to write a “Welcome” that might let folks know what we’re all about.

Welcome to Foothills Rising, the group formerly known as the Motherlode Organizing Group! We reside in the region of Calaveras, Amador and Tuolumne Counties of California’s Motherlode region.

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  1. Maybe this can be combined with other ideas

    Foothills Rising

    A vision: A world in which the environment (nature) and civil society have at least equal standing at a bargaining table with corporate/governing interests.
    Mission: To make recognizable that during the last few months and up to this moment in April of 2017 the reckless, petulant ignorance of Donald Trump puts us at risk for war against China, Russia and what could be an alliance of many other countries who the US has bullied, terrorized and cheated over the last 100 + years. We face a clear and present danger regarding this and a continued descent into human caused climate chaos. The results of these two issues will have the most long lasting and profound effects on humans and all other life on Earth if not addressed. The very long list of other issues we are tasked with confronting start with the corporate takeover of every social institution administered by federal government. Our mission is to be a countervailing force against war mongering fascism (and another long list of isms and phobias) that permeates the very fabric of our culture. Our challenge will be to make this relevant to our small, rural, communities that tend toward embracing ignorance and the fascist regime. Environmental stewardship, workplace democratization, woman’s empowerment, secular education, an embracing of the commons, and community organizations that engage these concepts are where we need to concentrate our efforts. Without this bottom up approach electing local public servants (let alone state and national) that will carry these concepts forward may never happen.


  2. This could go with that picture I sent.

    Water and Clearcutting

    Our foothill and mountain communities have many challenges when it comes to economics and jobs. One of our advantages historically has been our abundant water supply. Many of us watch with dismay the struggles others have when it comes to water. Gas and oil fracking, burst pipelines, deliberate dumping of chemicals by industry into water supplies across the country, not to mention air pollution, have galvanized many into sympathy and action to do with the Water Is Life movement sparked by the Standing Rock battle in North Dakota. However, we in our local foothills of California gold country live in the comfort of what we presume to be our safe, pristine, snow fed sierra water. Sierra Pacific Industries is a timber extraction corporation who’s predominant logging policy is clear cut. In addition, pesticides and herbicides are spread on these clearcuts in order to maximize the often mono-culture replant that takes place after a clearcut and deep ripping of the forest. These forests are integral to our watersheds and SPI is the largest forest land landholder in California. From the coast to the sierras our own water supplies are put at risk by this timber extraction industry that operates at full speed whether we get plenty of rain or have endured years of drought regardless. Deforestation is one of the primary contributors to human caused climate disruption. This will be our very own home grown water crisis.


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