January Community Meeting Agenda

2017 1 14 Agenda Final Publicity

Foothills Rising
1/14/18 Meeting 3-5pm, Moke Hill Town Hall
I. Welcome (3:00-3:03)
II. Overview of Process/Structure (See handout) (3:03-3:07)
III. Introduce and Adopt Agenda (3:07-3:10)
IV. Explanation of Special Procedure for Proposals (3:10-3:15)
V. Explanation of Proposals from Strategic Planning Meetings (3:15-3:30)
VI. Break-out to Review/Discuss Proposals in Small Groups (3:30-3:45)
BREAK (3:45-3:55)
VII. Vote on Proposals (3:55-4:50)
A. Strategic Focus for 2018
B. Calendar for 2018
C. Move Meeting to Jackson
D. Combine Facilitation and Coordination Working Groups
E. Community Solidarity Committee: Outreach and Mapping
F. Administrative Working Group: Text/Email, Roster, Phone Tree
G. State and Federal Politics Committee: Voter Registration
H. Media Working Group: “Communications” and Event Calendar
I. Administrative and Media Working Groups: Newsletter
J. Coordination Working Group: Rapid Response Protocol
VII. Announcements and Close Meeting (4:50-5:00)

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