Foothills Housing Summit

Our guest speakers will be Lesley Mace, the Shelter Coordinator in Jackson for ATCAA, Nichole Mulford, the Executive Director for Victory Village and Kerry Williams, a housing and community development expert who resides in Fiddletown.

Lesley and Nichole will be speaking about their respective organizations and the very important work they are doing in Amador to provide housing facilities. Unfortunately, the representative for Varley Place, ATCAA’s Veteran’s Housing, is not available on Sunday and unable to speak with us about the incredible development process that partnered the VA of Northern California Medical Services, the local Housing Authority, the State Department of Housing and Community, The Central Sierra Continuum of Care and ATCAA.  Varley Place is named for ATCAA’s founder, Judy Varley. The complexities of this endeavor are astounding and an almost decade long process.

Kerry Williams will be covering the following topics:

What is a Housing Element and why it is different from other General Plan elements?

State law requires updating of the Housing Element every 5 years  – How does this process work at the local level?

How do we use the Housing Element to advocate for addressing the housing and shelter needs for Amador residents? The requirement for local public participation in the Housing Element review and update process.housingsummit-4 (1).png

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